After completing a week of work experience and later gaining a Fashion Internship at Girlfriend Magazine, it had ignited my passion for magazines. However, in order to gain a job in magazines, it required a minimum of a two-year internship. I decided since I cannot join them at their game, why not beat them?

As the media industry is fast becoming online and the days of print media is slowly dying, I had decided on creating my own online magazine. After the success of my Tumblr, I wanted to expand from fashion and also include and explore my other loves in life of food and lifestyle.

In September 2013, I signed up for WordPress and began a blog that I hope I can expand to an online magazine. I complete research into the content that I regularly post on my blog about fashion, lifestyle and food.

Under fashion, I research and blog about the current fashion trends and trend forecasting, celebrity fashion, four ways to wear an item and stylebook which will include in the future flat-lay/still life and fashion shoots. Fashion is my greatest love in life and I hope to share and work on that through my blog/online magazine

Lifestyle includes both Home Décor and DIY, from little DIY projects to Home Décor trends of 2013.  DIY provides readers with easy and simply projects that they can keep for themselves or as gifts, ranging from jewellery to outdoor features. Home Décor can be used as a style guide for readers to use to help liven up an old area or decorate a new one.

Food has always been a big part of my life and a communal passion in my family, as many of my family members have careers in the food and hospitality industry but are also great cooks. My late Aunty who had helped to raise me during my childhood was a fantastic cook who collected many recipes had inspired my love for food. I’ll be sharing great recipes from different cuisines for readers to enjoy.


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