Top 5 Bedroom Trends

1. Size

The bigger the better, as many are moving towards open and spacious room that are inspired by hotel rooms. The bedroom seem to have it all from high ceilings, large walk in closets, bathrooms, fireplaces, living space, TV cabinet and many more features, basically becoming an all-in-one.

2. Texture

All different types of texture are back in full force in the bedroom. With touchable textures as suede, fur, velvet, silk, linen and lace adding another sense to the decorating of the bedroom. Also wooden furniture should be reclaimed or antique to give it a touchable surface. The biggest texture trend is brass, it can glamorise and invigorate any room from metallic lamps, picture frames, bedside tables and flower vases.

3. Ethnic

It is all about welcoming the world into your bedroom from old grandmother rugs, wooden furniture with carvings or wrought iron, sculptures and handmade decorations, these all bring coziness and warmness. African influences will also be a big trend with imitations of animal skin on objects of interior making them luxurious. Wood and bamboo furniture works ideal when teamed with zebra and leopard elements.

4. Embellished Walls

It time to embrace the city street with graffti inspired with wall writing and hand sketching. It is a way to expressing yourself in your own bedroom, why not try personalising it yourself by getting out your paintbrush and create your own work of art.

4. Colour

It is time to experiment with decorating with colours from green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, red and many more and to step away from the monochrome theme. You can keep your wall simple and pick standout features like lamps, bedside tables, linens, blankets to brighten up the room.


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