Pink is the New Black

In the words of Elle Woods “whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed”. The colour pink has found it way from the catwalk after making appearances in Valentino and Carven to the racks. It is impossible to miss this colour.

The colour can be easily modernise to avoid wearing pink because simply you are a girl. It can be worn in various styles from floral, pastel, jewel tones and ladylike. It doesn’t just to remain a feminine statement, as it can be shaken and mixed up.


Pink -Floral

(1) Princess Polly $60 (2) By Johnny $130 (3) By Johnny $200 (4) Indikah $44.95 (5) FINDERS KEEPERS $19.95

(6) WISH $119.95 (7) Cloth $99.95 (8) Indikah $39.95 (9) Cooper St $179.95

The floral print undergone a makeover and has a new fresh look. There are many different floral print that you can choose from, ranging from feminine and delicate to statement.


Pink - Pastel

(1) Sass and Bide $190 (2) Cloth $49.95 (3) White Suede $265 (4) Ezra $24.95 (5) Keepsake $159.95

(6) Princess Polly $70 (8) Bluejuice $69.95 (9)Ezra $39.95

Your approach towards the pink trend can be subtle if the colour is a bit much for you. You can still be with the trend without leaving your comfort zone. It is a great way to show off your feminine and soft styling.

Jewel Tone

Pink - Jewel tone

(1) IXIAH $269.95 (2) Camilla and Marc $520 (3) Keepsake $129.95 (4) STYLESTALKER $139

(5) Seduce $65.97 (6) Keepsake $139.95 (7) CAMEO $149.95 (9) ASOS $34.28

If you love experimenting with colours and standing out from the crowd, then jewel tone is the trend for you. It gives a punch of colour and it is a real statement for those who are daring.



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