Crop It Real Good

It is time for to show off those abs that you have been working long and hard for, as it is crop top season. It has been popular amongst the designer brands, appearing in Balenciaga to Chloe.

The modern crop top differs from those that were in the 90s craze, as they are now more chic and sophisticated in design with either the loose or tight crop. The key to wearing a crop is to cover your navel and show off the top of the midriff. It is all about subtly through a hint of skin that is visible by pairing a cropped top with high waisted pants or skirt.

Here are a few ways to wear the crop top trend

Loose Crop - BW


Pair a loose crop with black high waisted tailored pants to create a monochrome look that is sleek and modern. But if monochrome isn’t your style, you can try it in a loud print and bold colours such as floral.

Loose Crop - Maxi

(1) Princess Polly $35 (2) ASOS $95.23

Try a loose crop top with a high waisted skirt to give yourself shape and to help elongate your body. You can also wear it with a loose-fit maxi shirt, make sure that it in pulled in at the waist to avoid a boho look.

Collared Crop

(1) CAMEO $139.95 (2) ASOS $59.99 (3) FINDERS KEEPERS $119.95

For a sharp and chic look, pair a cropped collared shirt with high waisted tailored pants for an androgynous look.

Tight Crop - Pants

(1) Hunt No More $50 (2) ASOS $34.28

You can copy Nicole Richie’s style as she had paired her plain tight crop top with printed pants to create a sexy and chic look.

Tight Crop - Midi Skirt(1) MINK PINK $40 (2) ASOS $66.66

For a feminine and girly look, pair a tight crop with a midi skirt. You can mix things up by wearing a plain crop with a printed skirt or vice versa.


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