TOP 10 – Kitchen Trends

1. High Tech

This is all about the latest and newest gadgets for the kitchens from LED lighting to induction cooktops. Technology for the kitchen has changed the way we think about appliances and how we cook. It now offers us a various of ways to design the kitchen to suits our wants and needs.

2. Retro

The retro kitchen has always been a popular trend, classic never goes out of style. Pops of colours are an important feature along with classic round lines, chrome accents a truly individual retro aesthetic. Have fun with mixing looks from today and the past.

3. Outdoor

The kitchen is starting to move outside of your home, from transferring the alfresco space into another useable room.  It is great for entertaining guests, hosting parties and a family dinners in the summer. Upgrade your area by adding appliances such as  dishwashers and wine cabinets.

4. Compact

When space is limited in your home, it is important to find appliances that maximums on space. It can be hard creating your ideal kitchen with all the finishes in an apartment or small space. The key is to choose all-in-one and compact options so you don’t compromise on technology over space.

5. White

If you are looking for a crisp looking kitchen, then a white kitchen is for you. It offers a light and fresh look to your home and especially being the heart of the home. The white trend is perfectly matched with stainless appliances to further enhance that crisp look.

6. Black

For classic black, try making a statement with dark and glossy appliances. Aside from great aesthetic, it also hides dirt and is low maintenance. It adds a sophisticated and striking touch to the house and can be incorporated at different levels.

7. Family

Lots of space is important to growing families. Bulk appliances are now a thing of the past, as innovative designs have made them stylish. Family-friendly appliances are great for these with budgets and include additional safety features such as triple-glazed oven doors and child locks on dishwashers.

8. Country

It is about mixing new technology with a touch of vintage that creates the heartwarming country trend. It is perfect for the family Sunday roasts.  Appliances such as a built-in rangehood or refrigerator can be cleverly disguised behind your custom cabinetry

9. Industrial

The professional quality of a kitchen is becoming a fast popular trends for homes. It includes statement rangehoods matched with large cookers and ovens help to tie the robust stainless steel look together. It allows you to create restaurant quality meals in your own home. Cast iron trivets and easy to reach burner controls offer precision, allowing you to take your cooking to the next level.

10. Modern

This sleek and contemporary aesthetic is a timeless look that many people now choose. Clean lines such as stainless steel combine with some of the latest in kitchen innovation to produce a modern space. Built-in appliances, pyrolitic ovens and eye-catching rangehoods are all synonymous with this trend, while black ceramic cooktops offer a modern twist on the kitchen staple.


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